Thursday, May 19, 2011

More fun with the embellisher

estuary 006

Today has been spent doing some very necessary housework so I could continue ‘playing’ with my embellisher later this afternoon. I’m teaching three more workshops shortly and it seems people are enjoying learning new and different techniques, so I’m having fun preparing for them.

estuary 001

I happened to look out of the window and noticed these two fishermen’s silhouette against the pale river water.

estuary 002

A large family of blackbirds rule the shore here and if they are in the mood they send any intruders packing, but tonight this bird seems rather unhappy.

estuary 008

Those pegs in the mud were placed there many years ago and they probably measure the level of the silt.


Sandy said...

The embellisher piece is yummy. Nice photos. The bird does look unhappy.

JP said...

the embellisher piece looks good