Wednesday, May 11, 2011




                                              This evening I’ve been relaxing with PSP and I quite liked this one.


                                                   These used some quick sketches I’d made on lined paper.


                                    I intend to make use of one or two of these designs, so watch this space Winking smile


Ali Honey said...

Yes they do have promise! I love abstract design.

Also loved your clouds with silver lining.
It is 39 sleeps now till I come to your part of the world - but not close enough to you I'm afraid. We can't go everywhere, which is a shame. I am getting very excited as I have never been to UK let alone away for 6 plus weeks.
Please order nice weather for us.

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

I love these! I've been playing with photoshop quite a bit myself lately but haven't used any of my own sketches, just photos. LOVE these. You've given me more inspiration.

ju-north said...

Great! Do some more!

Linda said...

I thought that I was looking at Japanese lanterns as the page first opened - gorgeous!

maggi said...

Love these. When I first glanced at the top one it looked like a group of Chinese lanterns. The blue one is definitely my favourite though.

Heather said...

Beautiful images Mags from your PSP playing. They are so inspirational and I shall look forward to seeing what they become.