Sunday, May 29, 2011


embellisher 004  embellisher 002

This is as near as I got to the scarf colours, but it’s been great fun. I played with the Embellisher this morning and spent the afternoon watching the Monaco Grand Prix with one eye and stitching with the other.

embellisher 011    embellisher 009

This was also made today with some left over little bits I had and will eventually become a book cover. I’m afraid the lighter colour is nothing like the colour I used, the detail is a little better. The edges are stitched with some lovely thread I bought ages ago from Myfanwy, Sassa Lynne, which reminded me how much I used to love hand-stitching. I was a very traditional embroiderer at one time.

I was also reminded of a time when young  I was not allowed to stitch or knit on a Sunday as it was considered a sin. A favourite pastime as a child was gathering firewood, but never on a Sunday!


maggi said...

Lovely stitching which obviously prevented you from biting your nails during the GP!

Heather said...

You got those colours perfectly Mags and I love the little stitched shapes. How sad that stitching on a Sunday was thought sinful - I would have thought it an ideal occupation. Those threads are gorgeous.

MargaretR said...

Maggie and Heather, I'm so greatful to you both for all your comments. Soon I hope to have time to visit your blogs regularly before long.

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely work Mags. You've been busy!

Sandy said...

Love the texture. I, too, was a traditional hand stitcher-how far we've come and what a journey!

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