Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Egyptian Fresco

serentex 020

We had a SerenTex meeting today and Mary had brought in our version of an Egyptian fresco. At last I’ve been able to take a fairly good photo of it. I’ve taken a few photos of this one  but have never been happy with the way they turn out. There will be a few more photos on the SerenTex blog.

Slovenia1 088

This photo was taken at the stud farm of Lipica while we were waiting for the guide to take us to see the horses.

Slovenia1 103  Slovenia1 163  Slovenia1 105

This is our guide with his purple umbrella.

Slovenia1 106   Slovenia1 107  Slovenia1 108

Slovenia1 109   Slovenia1 110  Slovenia1 111

I was fascinated with the way he used his hands as he talked to us. Maybe these photos of hands will come in useful one day if I have a project that involves hands.

P0000006  P0000002

This is not the hand I used for the work on the left, but I did take photos of my GD’s hand.

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Heather said...

The Egyptian Fresco is beautiful - you must all be so pleased with it, and I just love that tiled roof.