Monday, June 27, 2011


The Embroiderers’ Guild are producing a tribute to the Olympic Games of 2012 by creating a series of textile postcards dedicated to each of the countries taking part in the London Olympics. Every branch has been allocated a country and ours here in North Wales is Liberia, which at first glance if you look up that country in Wikipedia does not seem to offer much inspiration. But if you look deeper there’s a lot of interest there and I found I had a lot to choose from after reading some blogs written by young American volunteers who are working with women and children. There are many orphans there after the war and women have a very hard life. Rape seems to be a grave problem still even after the war finished, so I decided to use Women’s Rights as my topic after seeing a hospital garden where the women had written their wishes on stars which were ‘planted’ in the garden and called ‘Stars of Hope’.

estuary 049 

This is the card I made and I couldn’t believe my luck when it was chosen first from so many lovely cards by a young man called Peter (?) who is a Textile Art tutor.

EG 023

My prize was a large box of Coats threads and as you can imagine I was thrilled. There will be more about the North Wales Branch Mini Regional Day on Croesew.


Heather said...

Congratulations Mags, on having your beautiful and very fitting textile postcard chosen. It sounded like quite a difficult challenge. What a lovely prize too - you'll do more great things with all those threads.

Gina said...

Congratulations... a well deserved win. Your card is super

Christine said...

Well deserved - well done! I hear there's to be an exhibition of the postcards at the Edinburgh Festival - we'll look out for your award-winning card! (Our branch got South Africa, which was a lot easier as a subject!)

Helen Suzanne said...

oo thank you for showing it Mags, it really is great and very thought provoking! well done!

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