Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long Life Flowers

The flowers I was presented with at the North Wales Embroiderers’ Guild will last a lifetime as I have taken photos of most of them. These enlargements of the flower centres will no doubt come in useful for many a graphics project and no doubt you will see them over and over again in my designs. They are lovely and the colours perfect. They were very much appreciated!

plas 013

plas 014

plas 023  plas 020

plas 019  plas 021


Heather said...

Gorgeous blooms Mags. It's odd how looking at a good photo really sharpens our focus on the flower, in a way it perhaps wouldn't when looking at the real thing.

Maggi said...

Beautiful. A lovely way of preserving them and providing yourself with inspiration at the same time.

ju-north said...

You can't beat a good flower shot! beautiful!