Monday, June 13, 2011

No heart!

Slovenia1 234    Slovenia1 362

I think this sculpture was one of the things I will never forget from my trip to Slovenia. It was in the square at the Port of Piran. There was no name and no explanation why it was there, but it speaks for itself in a way. Someone has lost his heart, but how? He doesn’t look like a man who’s lost his heart to a woman. Does it mean that Slovenia has had the heart taken out of it? I could go on guessing for ever, but I would love to know why he’s lost his heart. I found it a most compelling piece of sculpture. I have searched the internet, but have found no explanation and if anyone reads this has an explanation I would love to hear about it.

Slovenia1 216  Slovenia1 217

Slovenia1 217a  Slovenia1 217b

As you can see above, I did find some circles there and have had a little play with one of them. Most of the choir members and spouses must be convinced by now that they had a mad woman amongst them, especially when I started putting serviettes in my bag. We stayed at a lovely hotel in Lake Bled and they had the most wonderful thick serviettes you have ever seen and the Mixed Media artists among you will realise how useful they will be. I came home with a quantity of them that people had managed to keep clean, because as soon as they found out what I was doing they brought me their clean serviettes!

Slovenia1 026

We visited the church on the island in the middle of Lake Bled in one of these boats.

Slovenia1 020                     Slovenia1 018 

                                               Slovenia1 013                                             

This was our charming young rower who explained that the boats belonged to his family and were passes from father to son and his grandfather had built them. This one was the Golica It was sunny when we set off, but it started to blow a gale before we returned and I have never seen so much rain as you can see below.

Slovenia1 055  Slovenia1 054

Slovenia1 056

I’m convinced our young rower saved us from drowning. He stood on the outside rowing and we were hardly moving at all, but the 18 passengers were brought to safety, most of us literally soaked to the skin.


Maggi said...

I can certainly see why you were so taken with the sculpture and hope that you are able to find out more about it. Lovely circles. Glad you survived the boat trip.

Lesley said...

I am obviously in good company. Yesterday I picked up some really thick serviettes from a pub in a fabulously bright lime green colou! Husband is well trained and didn't dare use his for the intended purpose but handed his over to me. Lesley

Julie said...

What a scary experience, Mags. I'm glad you survived your soaking. The sculpture is very powerful.