Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strange little heads at Ljubljana

Slovenia1 531   Slovenia1 533

Can you see the fox climbing? It seems that dogs find it useful Smile

I wanted to show you these little heads. There must have been hundreds of them in a sort of channel along this little alley with a fox each side of it. Again I wish I knew why they were there, because they all seem to have been made by different people as the styles varied.

Slovenia1 534   Slovenia1 535

Slovenia1 536   Slovenia1 537

Slovenia1 540    Slovenia1 543

Interesting? I think so and I took loads more photos of them. Some were better than others again I looked for an explanation on the Internet but couldn’t find out what they are.

Slovenia1 498

I did find an interesting explanation of these sculptures on the bridge and especially the padlocks hanging below them. You will find it here on Wikipedia. i have enlarged this one because it’s so interesting.

Slovenia1 549

This creature was at the other end of the alley. I don’t know if it was connected to the heads or not.


Chris Gray said...
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Chris Gray said...

Amazing! ...did you do any rubbings?

They look quite like some of the faces in Marija Gimbutas' books about the Goddesses and Gods of old Europe. Strange, almost alien faces/masks.

If ever I go, I must remember to take some air-hardening clay and do some molding :-))

I'd be interested to see more of your photos.

Sandy said...

They are strange but interesting. That's the type of thing I photograph when I travel.

Heather said...

Fascinating Mags, but slightly macabre.

Maggi said...

Just been catching up with all your Slovenia posts which have made fascinating viewing. I had seen the padlocks of love before but agree with Heather that some of the sculptures are macabre.

MargaretR said...

I agree with you Heather and Maggie that they do seem rather macabre, but in relity they were quite beautiful to look at and perhaps they were just masks as chris suggested?