Thursday, June 02, 2011

Vintage cars

We were up quite early this morning, but I’m afraid I wasted over two hours watching a Vintage car rally passing below us. I took so many photos, most of which were no good as the cars were going too fast. I got the front end of one or the back end of another and if I managed to get a whole car most of them were blurred. DH who is a car enthusiast got fed up after the 100th car, but I stubbornly wanted to know how many cars would pass. I gave up after car 129, but we did pass car 135 on the way to town, so it was a very big rally.

vintage rally 056

Here is car 100 and one of the best I took.

vintage rally 060

I think this one was 118!

vintage rally 041

I thought this one above was so funny.

vintage rally 045  vintage rally 047

I stood at the open window freezing as the mist came in from the sea.

vintage rally 001

This little rabbit was quite a distance away from me but I happened to see her little white tail bobbing about in the grass. She then stopped at the edge of the path and we couldn’t understand why it was doing this until we saw another little tail bobbing up and down, so she was waiting for her mate. They soon scampered away when they heard a dog coming.

  vintage rally 015   vintage rally 012

And another faithful couple. All this excitement was between vintage cars Smile


Heather said...

Lovely pics Mags but those cars look far too modern to me. If they are vintage I must be older than I thought!! The mist coming down looks very dramatic - whatever the weather your view is wonderful.

gonzo39 said...

Some great pictures here, love the one with the road sweeper next to it. Looks like they are about to start a drag race! Keep up the great posts.
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