Monday, July 04, 2011

Back to Slovenia

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My yellow phase seems to have started in Slovenia! And Van Gogh as I was reminded by Carol of Coral Seas Threads Across the Web went through his Yellow Phase which I’d forgotten. I then went to investigate and found this - Van Gogh his yellows hint at his toxic state.


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Two clocks standing side by side in Piran’s square. The one on the left is so cheap and simple to make I would imagine and both give us the time. I noticed so many simple ideas there that work just as well as the expensive tastes we have in the UK.

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This is a choir member showing off his talents in Piran square.

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And the Maelgwn male voice choir singing in the square.

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Another sundial clock.


Heather said...

I'm sure you are not in a toxic state Mags! I like yellow too and enjoy the yellow flowers in my garden - they seem to accentuate all the other colours. Great pics of the choir members in the square and I love that simple sundial clock - so clever.

JP said...

I don't usually like yellow flowers except for sunflowers but sometimes they just hit the spot - glad you had such agood trip