Wednesday, July 13, 2011


2011-07-13 fabric

I wonder if anyone else has such a pleasing and colourful dustbin area as we do? A neighbour always makes sure we have lovely flowers growing everywhere and I was warned that these flowers would only last a day or so if I wanted to take photos of them!

fabric 015

The fabric I finished yesterday became a book cover today.

fabric 014

Then I realised I didn’t have enough scrim dyed in the colours above, so set about dyeing this lot. It was very warm up in my attic workroom today, but the dyeing had to be done.

fabric 013

They can now go in the box with all the rest of the scrim I’d coloured previously. A very colourful day!


Heather said...

Beautiful flowers Mags, beautiful book cover and gorgeous, gorgeous scrims. I'm drooling!

Sandy said...

I love all the colors in this post. You were busy.

Julie said...

So much gorgeous colour Mags, the flowers are beautiful and I can nearly smell the sweet peas.

JP said...

I just love the scrim - which I lovew any way - your hasnd stitching is beautiful