Saturday, July 09, 2011

A lazy day

I’ve been taking it easy today and read a book after coming home from Llandudno this morning. This evening I found some hand made books I was looking for and misplaced in my untidy workroom. That’s the problem when you have as many interests as I do, things get out of hand Smile

estuary 007

Let me introduce you to ‘Mary’. I think she looks beautiful in the evening sun.

estuary 003

i like the way the railway lines shine in the sunset.

estuary 019

You can hardly see the moon here. Pity!

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I’ve been having a little play with the Embellisher in the last few days.


Heather said...

Beautiful and tranquil evening images Mags, and I do like your embellished pieces.

Julie said...

Your studio sounds like my house and studio! I'm impressed by your embellisher work especially the precision of the shapes.