Friday, July 22, 2011

Plas Tan y Bwlch

Here I am at Plas Tan y Bwlch once again with my SerenTex friends. I have decided this is going to be a short holiday and I will not be doing a lot of stitching or embellisher work, but I do hope to play with my laptop, take photos, sketch and design using my Artista V6 software for my Bernina machine. I updated a while ago from V4 which would not work with Windows 7 but have not spent any time getting to know it, so this weekend will give me an opportunity to try it out. I didn’t bring my Bernina embroidery machine, so all I will do is design and maybe have a go at designing for the Cutwok tool at the same time.

ptb st11 007

Here is photo I took this evening of the hall and stairs of this beautiful old mansion.

ptb st11 006

And I have a feeling this drawer handle will inspire me to do something.

ptb st11 005

This has been used in previous work from time to time.

Tomorrow I hope to have photos of some work in progress by some of my friends.


Aussie Jo said...

What a beautiful house, looking forward to seeing what you develop in these gorgeous surroundings

Heather said...

Such a lovely setting Mags - the staircase is stunning. Enjoy your experimenting with new things, and I look forward to seeing what comes from it.