Sunday, July 03, 2011


Now, I wonder why am I suddenly very conscious of the colour yellow?

oriel 001

Yesterday I took this photo.

oriel 003  oriel 004fl

And these!

yellow 001 Today I wore a bright yellow top. I never wear yellow!

Rhos on sea 052

This morning in Rhos on Sea I took this photo. Isn’t it just beautiful and the markings unusual? Yesterday’s post also had colours I never use, yes with lots of bright yellow.

So I was just wondering why I’ve suddenly started being very attracted to yellow? Does it mean I’m in a good mood? Do I feel the need of a bit of sunshine in my life?


coral-seas said...

Van Goch went through a 'yellow' phase. That is what his famous Sunflowers are all about, capturing Yellow!

ju-north said...

Stunning shots! I wonder what the flower with the brown bands is? Never seen it before

Aussie Jo said...

You have certainly brightened up my winter's day.

MargaretR said...

LOL. I hope I'm not going mad like VG Carol.

Heather said...

Gorgeous sunny colours Mags. It's odd how a certain colour attracts us. I have been a blue/purple fan for ages yet find myself drawn to shades of red these days.