Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Embellisher weekend

Another view

West Wales 415 

This is the lovely old farmhouse I stayed at nestling among the trees.

West Wales 451

And here is the view from my bedroom window.

West Wales 431

Relaxing after a hard day Smile


My hostess Christine and the two young ladies who added so much to make it a pleasurable weekend.

West Wales 395  West Wales 416  West Wales 408

West Wales 477

West Wales 550

Can’t you just smell the countryside and the lovely fresh air?

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Heather said...

Beautiful photos Mags - they'll keep all those happy memories alive. What a wonderful setting.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a great place to hold a workshop. I thought I was seeing things, the cat in the last photo is a double for our now deceased darling and his name was Ginger too. I'm glad you liked my journal, it's lovely to know they travel to other parts.

Malea said...

Just randomly stumbled upon your glad that I did! I just love these pictures! I feel a trip to the country for my son and I coming on! :)