Friday, September 09, 2011

My Cannes holiday

Cannes is one of my favourite places to visit, everyone is so friendly and I also find it very inspiring. I like to take photos and make little sketches and notes in my sketchbook. There are interesting markets full of antiques, art and crafts some days and the shops are mostly boutiques and sell different things. You don't get rows of large department stores where everything looks the same as the things in the last store you visited.
misc 061
misc 044
misc 010   misc 072 
These were taken on the lovely promenade where my DH enjoys people watching. He also had his wallet stolen from his pocket, luckily 2 minutes earlier he’d taken out his last euro note and all the lady who stole it had was an empty tatty old wallet. Two women pushed in and while we were distracted stole it. They obviously belonged to a group and I saw her slyly passing it on to a group of men sitting at a nearby table so there was nothing I could do. This is not typical of Cannes, we have been coming here for many years and it has never happened before.
We take the train which is very reasonable and convenient to visit many other places along the coast.
  • Nice, France [18.8 miles]
  • St. Tropez, France [29 miles]
  • Aix-en-Provence, France [97.3 miles]
  • Monte Carlo, Monaco [28.1 miles]
  • we once even went to Italy on the train.
Find more about Cannes here.
Cannes (without the Film Festival) - Cannes, France (
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JaneO said...

Beautiful colour schemes in your pictures.