Wednesday, October 26, 2011

North Wales Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition

This is just a reminder that the exhibition is held this coming Friday and Saturday.

                                                                          EG Exh 2011 001

I have finished my second piece of work and it was framed for me yesterday and I like this one better than my first attempt. What have I learned from this experience? It pays to study the same theme for a while and the second piece of work corrects the mistakes of the first. I hope the next attempt will be even better.

                                                             teasels 002   

I forgot to photograph this one before it was framed and I have not been able to take a very good photo as it is now under glass.    

                                         teasels 008 

We all liked this collage by Rhiannon at the SerenTex meeting yesterday and I hope to put a few more photos up on our blog later this evening.


Heather said...

The single teasel is stunning Mags and Rhiannon's collage is so unusual and such a clever idea. The exhibition is going to be a treat for all who see it.

Maggi said...

The single teasel has much more of a presence. A good choice. What an unusual collage, very atmospheric. Good luck with the exhibition.

artymess said...

yes the single teasel is very striking ...lovely work ....I understand some Welsh I was born in Neath and then moved to Llandybie...unfortunately although I learned Welsh in school am not a speaker of my native tongue ....I have vowed to learn one of these days .....thanks for visiting my blog ...x

Ali Honey said...

Those both look great framed, Mags.( still like the blue )
I like the way the torn paper looks like light on top of the hills and bushes in Rhiannon's collage.
I hope you have a wonderful time at the exhibition.

Rose said...

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