Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A bit of a mixture

I have just posted more work from the North Wales Embroiderers Guild  Exhibition of 2011 up on the Croesew blog.

estuary 009

Another dozen hearts finished and also a dozen brooches. Now at last I’ve finished my Christmas orders and can get back to some real creativity.

estuary 003

This is the dress I enjoyed making for Mary in a Nativity play, but I don’t expect anyone would want to see the pair of trousers I altered for SIL? No, I thought you wouldn’t. Don’t you just hate altering things for people? It’s lovely to feel that I can ‘turn my hand to anything’, but it can be such a disadvantage at times can’t it? I’d much rather make something from scratch. I have a few pairs of trousers of my own that could do with shortening 1/2” to stop them dragging in the mud, but they are still waiting and being worn as they are Smile

estuary 001

I wonder if it’s Prince William flying this helicopter? It’s an air sea rescue helicopter from RAF Valley where he is stationed. I don’t suppose I will ever find out why it was hovering over the river, too far off for me to be be able to see it properly. But if you look at the bottom right hand corner there’s a lifeboat as well, so it must be someone in trouble. Such a pity I don’t recognise the two with the pushchair who had a grandstand view.

estuary 005

To finish, last night’s sunset.


Heather said...

Like you Mags, I am the one in the family who 'sews' so always get asked to put a zip in or make bridesmaids' dresses, curtains, etc., but it is nice to be able to help out.
Being quite tall I seldom have to shorten trousers - to save you a job, have you thought of platform shoes?!!!

ju-north said...

What a great view you have! I had a ride in a RAF helicopter when I was rescued off the top of Cheviot!

Liou said...

interesante, creativo

Tevfik said...


The Perfect Pear said...

those heart brooches are SO PRETTY! the colors are fabulous!

Julie said...

Hi Mags, just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you are well and enjoying a lovely Christmas Day xx

Anonymous said...

I really love the little hearts - so pretty.

crownmee said...

the sunset is absolutely breathtaking! love your blog!