Monday, November 14, 2011

Dynamic View

I love to to try anything new, so today it’s Blogger in ‘Dynamic View’. If you just hate it then please let me know and I can change it back, but I think it might be quite useful. You can choose whichever view you like from the top of the post.

moths 001

I took this photo a while back and had forgotten all about it. Then I found another insect looking in at me.


I had to have a little play with this one.


coral-seas said...

I read your posts in my RSS feeds which doesn't get any of the set-up from the blog itself, so I thought that "Dynamic View" was refering to the unusual view of the moth :-)

Julie said...

The blog looks nice and fresh but I can't see any of your links. It's interesting to play with the assorted views offered at the top, especially 'Mosaic'.

Penny said...

Not entirely happy with the new set ups, Personally I prefer the old one, but perhaps I am getting too old and set in my ways!

MargaretR said...

Thanks Jane, julie and penny for your help. i must say I was not all that happy myself either, so I've managed to change it back to the way it was.

Vada said...

I love your blog, and the variety you include in it. Photography is my hobby, too, and I enjoy manipulating photos, so this one of the spider (one of my favorite subjects!) catches my eye. Beautiful. I am a cloth doll maker. My dream is to visit the UK, before I'm too old to do it. ;^)