Sunday, November 13, 2011

Evening clouds

estuary 003

I love the way all the hills show up in this photo.

estuary 007 estuary 008

I’m still doing some painting practice.

estuary 006 play1       estuary 006 play2d

But I’m also playing. I have a new little laptop to take away on holiday and it’s been a very difficult choice between iPad2 and a small laptop. In the end I decide the laptop would be more useful as I can have my favourite programmes to play with whilst on holiday. So today has been spent setting everything up on my new laptop which is an 11.6 HO E2 Vision with a good graphics card. I also bought a Vodaphone Dongle so I can connect to the Internet from my hotel room abroad.


Heather said...

That's a very dramatic photo Mags and I love the light and shade on the hills. I'm impressed by your technological skill - I have to cheat and have things set up for me by my daughter. Your painted designs are beautiful and the 'play' images are stunning.

Sandy said...

Great designs. The sky is so graphic-good photo.

Maggi said...

A very evocative photo. Really interesting textures in your paintings.