Thursday, November 10, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly

I’ve done 2 days practice now and here are the results and I decided to show you the good and the bad.

2011-11-10 art

I’m happy with a few but rather disappointed in others because they’re too cluttered. If I continue to practice regularly they will improve.

art 005

It’s been a lovely day without a cloud in the sky and nothing like the weather forecast!

art 008

it was impossible not to take one photo after the other.

art 017    art 013

art 041

I stood at the window for nearly an hour trying to get a photo of one of the rally cars and this is all I managed to get.

The World Rally Championship - the Wales Rally GB started from Llandudno this afternoon and they were all passing below me on the road.


artymess said...

great colours are they wax crayon and printed its difficult to see on the photos .........x

Heather said...

I can't see any bad or ugly designs there Mags - they all look beautiful to me. We had all the clouds today - it has been grey and dreary nearly the whole time.
Your photos are great - lovely reflections.

Ro Bruhn said...

I love them all and I too can't see any bad or ugly.

Julie said...

Me too Mags, you're being too hard on yourself :-) Beautiful photographs!

Sandy said...

I like them all. There are no bad ones.

Deb H said...

I see nothing bad! They are all great!

If you don't like something, try painting on some silk chiffon & layer over a busy design. Or any sheer fabric. It may make it something extra special then!

Sometimes a little Angelina or glittery bits between the layers makes for something really great too.

ju-north said...

Beautiful colours! I like them all!

MargaretR said...

Yes, they are wax crayons painted over. Thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments. There are 3 I don't like there but I will try what my friend DebH suggests and put the result up.

Anonymous said...

They are all lovely. You could always scrape paint over the ones that you don't like and then build on that. I think that all the clouds came our way today.

Fran├žoise said...

I wonder which one you don't like. They all look good from here!

Leonor said...

You forgot to put the bad and the ugly ones!!! ;)...beautiful work <3