Monday, September 24, 2012

Jackdaws and dogs

In my last post I talked about Jackdaws but I forgot that the book I’m reading now is also called Jackdaws. It’s written by Ken Follett who is one of my favourite authors at the moment. I don’t usually read books about the Second World War, maybe because it’s too close and I still remember the aeroplanes overhead when I was a child in my mother’s arms. They used to pass over the house and they’d drop their bombs on the mountainside to lighten the load when they were followed by fighter planes and we’d stand in the door watching late at night. Fortunately I did not live in a town being targeted. but in a rural village in the mountains of North Wales. This book is about an all female team of secret agents called Jackdaws who parachute into France.

                                                                   2012-09-24 18.59.29

These beautiful spaniels are not yet 3 months old and belong to my son and his family.

                                          2012-09-24 15.02.20

Mason is on the left and Mac on the right. I call them the M and M’s because I love them just as much as I love those packets of sweets.


Dolores said...

Love Ken Follett. I have read most of his books and this one was a great read because I was studying WW2 and spies at the time.

Helen Cowans said...

One of my favorite authors too - I'm reading Winter of the World just now, will have to get Jackdaws. Loved his medieval novels - have you read those?