Sunday, September 23, 2012


I seem to have a thing about jackdaws these days. I’ve always loved them but I was looking at the photos and work I’d done during the last week I realised that I had more than a few of them.


These two were by the river in Betws y Coed recently and this is only one of the lot I took, they seem to be such little comedians Smile


These are wonderful rusty sculptures, again in Betws.


The weather is so strange when it’s sunny one side and raining on the other. This is my first attempt at sketching with my new iPad and as you can see the one on the right had to wear sunglasses and has already caught her worm, while the other poor jack is getting very wet. I can see I’m going to have some fun with this new toy.


Maggi said...

Lovely photos of the jackdaws. They are the most nervous of all the birds that visit my garden and so I never manage to get a photo of them.

Ali Honey said...

Good on you for exploring new ways! We don't have Jackdaws here. Are they well behaved?

Heather said...

I love jackdaws too - they are such characters, and my daughter is mad about all the corvids.
The metal sculptures and your iPad sketches are great.