Thursday, October 18, 2012

Designs made on my laptop

I think I’ll have another go at changing the appearance of my blog as soon as I’ve finished this post.

6terri 5  6terri 3

I’m calling these ‘Through the Window’ The first 2 are very colourful. Since I’ve been designing with the computer I find myself going for more colourful work most of the time, but I still like the odd subtle image too.

6terri 2

Like this one!

6terri 4   6terri 6a

And these two.


Jane Greiner said...

Fantastic colours, Margaret!
I really like the raindrop background, and I also like your own banner, but I am not sure they go together! It would be a shame to lose either of them, fun to play around with the format though.

Heather said...

What lovely shapes and gorgeous colours. Lots of inspiration there.

Ali Honey said...

I love the middle one with the bright blue, green and purple backlighting.

Textile Art Showcase said...

These look really striking. So much you can do with these. I look forward to seeing more.

Sandy said...

Wow! You're so good at it. I haven't been in a while-taking care of the aging dog and spending as much time as possible with him. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Marina K. said...

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Maggi said...

Great images. They would make beautiful stitched pieces