Saturday, October 13, 2012


I'm still having so much fun with this iPad I'm not doing much else, but that's not completely true either as I have actually stitched 3 baby blankets using my Bernina embroidery module. I meant I haven't done anything particularly creative, so instead I'll show you what I'm playing with on the iPad.

This is an idea for our SerenTex Pier project.

Another one I quite like but I got a little unwanted streak at the bottom and saved it before noticing anything wrong. Anyway it will probably just be used as inspiration for a stitched piece or a piece using the embellisher perhaps.

Perhaps this would inspire an evening piece of work. But I haven't finished playing yet, this is the very best part of any work for me and I have enough inspiration to last a lifetime already.

Location:Conwy,United Kingdom


Annette J said...

Hi Mags, what app did you use on your Ipad. I've been trying to decide which one to download on my dh's Ipad and like the look of what you have done.

Annette J said...
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MargaretR said...

Hi Annette. I used PStouch and Artstudio for these.

Heather said...

You have some beautiful patterns there Mags and the colours are gorgeous.