Friday, November 30, 2012


I returned from Tenerife a fortnight ago and should have posted some of my photos before now. The truth is I’ve been resting! I always seem to need a little rest when I come home. Once the washing and ironing is done I flop and am good for nothing particularly this time as I fell down the steps shown below. I was bruised in all sorts of places, but worst was my poor ankle which is still painful.


I had my new laptop under my arm and the worst happened, even though it was in a protective cover I chipped the corner and this hurt far more than my ankle believe me. My new baby!

I took the usual lot of circles like the one above. In a few minutes looking around my room I realised how dependant we are on round shapes for everything.

P1060671 P1060672 P1060673 P1060674

P1060675 P1060677 P1060678 P1060679

P1060680 P1060681 P1060682 P1060684


Julie said...

Ouch! Mags, you poor thing. If you wanted a close look at the steps you should have just sat down ;-) I do hope you soon feel much better. xx

Heather said...

Beautiful steps but they do look a bit narrow and that's probably why you fell. Not nice, especially on holiday and I do hope your ankle will soon recover. Hope the laptop functions OK inspite of the chip. Love the circles.

Ali Honey said...

That's no good Mags. I do hope you had time to study the tile patterns while you were down close....or perhaps that's why you fell?
Wishing your bruises and aches gone very soon. Hugs from Ali.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Hope your ankle recovers soon. Not the best way to investigate patterns!