Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today was my haircut day in Chester and on the way there I realised it was 12/12/12 and thought I must blog something about this today not realising that so many people were having the same idea. I've already seen a few and when this is finished I am going to Google to see what I come up with. It should be interesting. (Click for larger images)

2 leaves   box leaves3a   falling leaves

 leaves   leaves1-1   leaves1a

leaves1bleaves2d (2)leaves2d

klimt 1   Klimt 1d   red leaves

12 leaves

sunsetcircles2c  circlesctdg1   circlesctdg2

sunday1 050b   2 windowsb9 sq   bottles.0

flower3circle sm   palm1a   pisces 3

sketch spiral   sunny day3   twirl1b

12 designs using circles.


ju-north said...

Fantastic work!

Heather said...

What gorgeous treats for us Mags - they are all so inspiring and colourful. Thankyou for sharing them.

dorothypandorasbox said...

Wonderful pics M. Thanks for sharing.... I can't even begin to pick a favourite.

Jane Greiner said...

Thanks for posting a whole exhibition! Wonderful work Margaret!Lovely colour combinations.

Maggi said...

Fantastic images.

Toni said...

Mags these are delightful and so inspiring. Each one was a favourite till I came to sunday1 050b[1] which is stunning. IMHO

MargaretR said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments.