Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cow Parsley and the Gimp

Cow Parsley is one of my favourite plants and I know it's being used by everyone, but it still doesn't put me off. I take photos of it whenever I have a chance. The Gimp is a great programme once it has been set up to look more like other programmes and this is quite simple to do. 

 I converted my photo to black and white for this first image using Threshold.

The image above used one of the many filters found in the gimp.

And another filter added to the same image.

As you can see this one used a Kaleidoscope filter I tried so many of these, but this one was my favourite. 

This one above is of my favourites.

I played with the one above using another filter and it looks very stitchy to me and I think I'll try and change the colours in this one. As the programme is new to me I forget what I've used and will have to start taking notes of all my moves.


Heather said...

What fun you have been having. I love cow parsley too and have been known to pick a big bunch of it to enjoy in a vase.

Linda Bilsborrow said...

I've been using GIMP for a few years now, though largely for editing and collage rather than the filters. I'm curious about your comment that you'd got it "Set up to look more like other programmes" and wonder what changes you've made.

ju-north said...

looks like you've been having fun!

Julie said...

I like cow parsley too, it's such a scuptural shape. I like the final piece in particular.