Thursday, March 21, 2013


This is my reply to Linda. When you first open the Gimp it comes with three small separate windows as shown below and whatever you have under it shows through. This image shows my desktop through it with a Stonehenge background (which I love). I don't find this set-up very convenient to my way of working and it's no big deal to change it.

This is how I've set mine up now. click on 'Windows' for the drop down menu and right at the bottom you will see the 'Single-window Mode' circled above.
I like to have my tools on the left side of the screen in a long narrow strip, so I pushed this to make it narrower and inserted my other 'Dialogues' as they're called in the Gimp on the right side of the screen. You will find the 'Dockable Dialogues' again in the menu above, 2nd from the top. Here you can choose the dialogues you will use most and dock them where you find them most convenient. I've chosen to Dock the Layers at the top and and Tool Options, Gradients, FG/BG (foreground and background), Brushes and Patterns below.

 This is what mine looks like now.

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Linda Bilsborrow said...

Thanks Margaret,

What this did was flag up for me that I was still on v 2.6 something! I'm now updated and will shortly set up my own version of single window mode.
I love that the save and export operations are now separate!
Thanks again for your explanation.