Thursday, March 14, 2013

More umbrellas

Thanks to everyone who commented on the blog recently. I forgot that I'd changed the setting as I'd been having a lot of spam and this meant all the comments needed moderation and I hadn't seen them.

This has black smoke, but we now have a new Pope. I think Pope Francis seems to be very human and pleasant. I'm not a Catholic and I'm not even religious, but I have been very interested in what has been going on in St. Peter's square. As you can imagine all those umbrellas were tempting and I couldn't resist a quick sketch. It would have been more difficult to sketch the jubilation of the crowd when the white smoke came out of that chimney.


Julie said...

Lovely sketch Mags. Umbrellas make a great subject.

Marian Hall said...
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Marian Hall said...

I really like your umbrella drawing. With the weather we're having there should be plenty of opportunity for us all to sketch people with umbrellas!