Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A new journal

We've had some lovely weather this last week, but yesterday it started changing and even though the sun was strong it was very hazy. But these are the sort of days I love when you can actually see things receding in the distance. Conwy Castle looks particularly effective on days like this.

Here is the same view on a clear day.

This is a lesson in how to create distance in a piece of work!

              A few pages from my new journal.
Whilst using this journal I'll try to find out why I procrastinate so much when I just love doing these things. I intend to finish this one and also take a good look at all my journals and try to finish them. This one starts with a promise to journal every day! The 2nd and 3rd pages have quotes I like. the first says 'Just Be' and the second says 'It's all been done before, but not by me!'
I always have a little journal or sketchbook on the go, but I never seem to finish them. When my interests change out comes a brand new journal and the style is different in all of them. Am I the only one to do this I wonder? I think I'm still looking for a style. 


Heather said...

I love that castle in all it's moods. Your journal pages are gorgeous - I love those colourful layers.

Julie said...

I love your 'shaded' photograph of Conwy showing the layered distance. It would make a beautiful textile piece. I am awful with sketchbooks and am the queen of procrastination. I sit here on the settee in the evening thinking about exactly how and what I am going to do on sketchbook pages but don't get up and do it. Why is it we are like that? It defeats me lol

Maggi said...

Lovely journal pages. I start a new one far to often too. I should just get on and carry on with the one I started. Lovely photos.