Thursday, April 18, 2013

Digital Art

African leaves

I'm procrastinating as usual and started playing with PSP. This image uses a variety of methods, starting with the photo of the leaves I printed yesterday. I used the Displacement Map (my favourite tool) added gradients and a bit of enamel. Then added a new layer of the original leaves.
It could be printed out on fabric, but it can also use it as inspiration for painting and printing too.

I'm preparing for my workshop, 
A cup of tea anyone?
that's my excuse for playing anyway.
This image on the right was created using Picture Tubes in
PSP. I was hoping to find the same type of thing as Picture Tube in Photoshop Elements which will also be part of the Workshop, but I can't find anything.
I haven't used Elements 11 at all and it's very different to the last copy of Elements I bought. I have my work cut out trying to teach myself to use the new version, but I can see it has wonderful 

Cookie Cutter

The image on the left was made with the Cookie Cutter in Photoshop Elements 11. I hope by tomorrow to have a better understanding of the programme.


ju-north said...

Hi Mags!
Re pse11 - you may find something like picture tubes in Graphics (bottom right to click on) and then colour in the usual way. Kim Klassen does a course to get used to pse11 which I am doing. You have to pay but it's not expensive and she's a great teacher.

Ann Christine Dennison said...

Love these creations, especially the African leaves :-)