Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another stencil with the silhouette

Sprayed image and stencil
I've been using my Silhouette to make stencils again today. When I left it last night I had problems with the blade and this evening I put in a new one. The blade had probably been used quite a bit when I bought the machine and with hindsight I should have changed it sooner because it worked like a dream this evening.
Last night I had to pause the machine because the paper was a bit crooked, then when I re-started the machine was out of sync! I was a bit scared of using it today as I thought it might still be the same, so I made the first cut using printing paper and everything was fine. I used the paper as a stencil to spray over. above you see the image and the paper cut which I will glue down tomorrow.

Three card cuts
These three are cut from card and I'm hoping to layer them all together with glue to make a stronger stencil. I don't know if it's going to work yet. I didn't want to risk using the cereal packet while the going was good. You can tell that I'm still a little nervous, but I'm getting braver each time I use it.


ANNA said...

the more you do the more I am interested in the machine!!! STOP IT - I can't afford one :-) The idea of making your own stencils so easily is what really appeals to me - I would rather do that than use a silk screen

Edilberto Durano said...

Whoa. Silhouette stencil, huh? Sounds gothic yet fantastic!
Ed of