Monday, April 29, 2013

Beautiful Gift

I had a visit from a friend yesterday and she brought me a beautiful bunch of flowers and she chose these in particular because she knew I could make some use of these particular flowers in the bunch.

A lovely spiral

As I was up very early this morning I started to play with them in PSP and I came up with some interesting images. I used the wrapping paper as background to get the feel of the colours in the bunch.

My lovely flowers

As you can see I'm not much of a flower arranger, but I do love flowers.

Twists and spirals

I'm certain you will be seeing a lot of images created using these flowers, but here are some I made earlier!

A pattern
Textured twists

But who is this hiding in my lovely flowers?


Heather said...

Lovely images from your flowers. The spiral shapes of these particular ones fascinate me and they must look wonderful growing wild in their native South Africa.

ju-north said...

So nice to get a gift like this! HI just gave me a bunch of lilies not yet open - the camera is ready! (BTW your blog page is just a bit too wide for my screen, which is unusual - maybe it's something at my end)

dorothypandorasbox said...

Those are gorgeous. well done you :-)

Annette J said...

You do much better than me. Mine always look as thought I've just dropped them in a jam jar. Beautiful colours though.

ju-north said...

Re screen - much better - can see everything now! If I am being picky, the page needs to be moved slightly to the left (as you are looking at it) but it doesn't cut off any of the words. As I say, it may be a fault at my end!