Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cookie Cutters

It's been a lovely evening and I decided to take one photo of the sunset, but I couldn't resist taking another. I have hundreds of photos sunsets on my external disk and I keep promising myself to sort them out one day.
Sunset on the estuary

20 minutes later
I'm still plugging away at my workshop. One lady has Photoshop Elements and I must brush up on it as I haven't used Elements 11 at all until now, so I've taken an on-line workshop with Kim Klassen at  Photoshop Test Kitchen called Pic-Pro which I'm enjoying very much. 
A cookie Cutter
As I was playing with this, I decided it would make a great stencil. So I went to the Silhouette software and made a stencil from it. Then I made two new stencils using a transparency as suggested by my friend Dorothy - Pandora's Pictures 2012. and they worked better than anything else I've tried. So thank you D!

Here's the result


Heather said...

There is something special about sunsets over water - beautiful.
Your stencil is beautiful too and I'm sure you will make good use of it.

dorothypandorasbox said...

Love the pics and the new stencil.... so glad you are enjoying this

Maggi said...

I never tire of seeing your sunsets. Glad you are enjoying Kim's class, I'm doing the CS6 one and trying desperately to catch up after a hectic couple of weeks.