Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Digital art and stenciling

Pier Pavillion Llandudno, North Wales
I wonder if I could use some part of this to make a stencil? Maybe not, but I have something else in mind for this one.


This is what I've been playing with today using Paint Shop Pro. Now, that's a thought. I'm sure I could make a stencil using the Silhouette with one of these butterflies and use them to make something similar using acrylic paint! No harm in having a go is here?

3 African leaves
To end the day I thought I'd pop up to my workroom to use the leaves stencil and this is what I printed. Rather disappointing again, but each mistake I learn a little more. The veins in these leaves are rather thin and I thought it was rather clever to have a couple of veins that didn't go right to the edge. I was wrong, so it's back to the drawing board once more.

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