Friday, April 05, 2013

Digital art for mixed media work

I think it's decision time! I must finally choose a design to proceed with my SerenTex project. Some of you may remember we are doing a project creating a piece of work inspired by the Colwyn Bay Victoria Pier which has become dilapidated and it's future very uncertain. These are 3 designs from the many I have to chose from. 

Pier Blend
Victorian Wrought Iron
Wrought Iron


ju-north said...

Lovely design work Mags! It's great how you transform everyday objects into works of art!

Jane Greiner said...

Difficult decision Margaret! They are all great images. I like the bottom one best, the way only parts of the wrought iron show.

Maggi said...

I really like wrought iron. Depends just how clearly referenced you want the pier to be I suppose.

Chris Gray said...

I really like that bottom one!!!

...can see it in some distressed techniques.....

...mmmmmmm....delicious :-)

x C

dorothypandorasbox said...

Bottom two for me and they are crying out for you to use the Silhouette cutter!! :-)