Tuesday, April 30, 2013

iPad art

Sunshine 1

I was up early this morning and started using my Art Studio app. I took an on-line course recently as I mentioned before, but I must admit that I was rather too busy to study it thoroughly at the time, but I think the time is ripe now and I had a lot of fun studying the part of the course that deals with Art Studio. I thought we could all do with some sunshine and it worked as it has been a beautiful day if a little cold.

Sunshine 2

I've been printing these images on various types of paper and fabric this afternoon and my old Epson printer worked well. I never use my newer printers to print fabrics.

I think I will enjoy digital art on the iPad, the programmes are becoming really good now, but still not quite as good as a computer yet, but I think that day is coming.


Julie said...

I bought my iPad specifically to use the digital art Apps but have been woefully bad at doing just that. I did a workshop at the St Ives School of Art too on using Brushes but have neglected it all. You are spurring me on!

ju-north said...

blog page just perfect now!!