Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sorting out my computers

This started off as such a simple idea using the Gimp. I just drew a few lines with the pencil tool and gave it a new background, then using some filters changed it until it looked like this! I love it even though I say it myself :)


I've also been doing a bit of 'housekeeping' on my computers the last few days and it my looks as if I'm wasting time sitting here for hours with my laptop. But it's definitely not a waste of time believe me.
At the moment I have 4 laptops including one that I've given to DH (who isn't really very interested) and one PC which I have in my Workroom. I also have my lovely iPad.
You might ask why I have so many?
I had to buy a very old little Dell laptop with Windows 98 on so I could use it with my Bernina Embroidery machine software. Then I have a tiny little laptop that I take on holiday and two Acer Aspires, one which my DH is supposed to use. I had to have an iPad to keep up with all the latest technology. Recently they all had an argument and stopped talking to each other, a very awkward situation. But it's all sorted out now. The main problem being a programme that came with my latest Acer called My Winlocker, which I hated. It seemed to take over and locked all my files so I couldn't share them. Through trial and error last night, I managed to get rid of the little padlock that was causing all the problems.


I have a lot to learn about some of my programmes, I've started using Picasa for the purpose for which it was meant, at last, and started tagging all my thousands of photos. I'm finding it very useful.
Next on the list is getting to terms with cloud technology!

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dorothypandorasbox said...

This is lovely M. are you going to make it now? :-)