Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Silhouette cutting machine

Early evening Conwy Marina
This has been a very busy day as I've done quite a lot of chores and I've been sitting here at the laptop converting my wrought iron to use with the silhouette cutting machine which I've had a while now. I bought it from a friend and I'm thrilled with it. But..... today after spending hours preparing the wrought iron and trying it out on the machine - this is what I ended up with.

A failed silhouette cut
Those more experienced with the machine will probably know exactly where I went wrong. I think the design is too small, but the pieces need to be attached to each other which I thought they were. obviously not. I cut it out from an A4 piece of cardstock. i've only used the machine twice since I've had it and had been hoping to be able to cut pieces of embellisher felt, vilene etc. with it. Even if this is impossible I will have a lot of pleasure cutting paper and card with it. my trouble is that I like to 'design' everything' myself and I'm afraid I've had this problem since I was a child. I'll show you what I mean one day!

Alphabet stencil

I bought this one already designed from the Silhouette store and then enlarged it so there was a little bit of 'me' in it.
So it's back to the drawing board for me this evening.

Evening Conwy estuary


ju-north said...

Never heard of this machine! Maybe you will get some 'serendipity' designs with your 'failures'!

Heather said...

Your silhouette is still beautiful Mags - are you sure it can't be used? I know what you mean about wanting to design everything yourself - I am the same, but it does make life difficult!