Monday, May 20, 2013

Digital Art Workshop

I've been very quiet this weekend because I was busy. I gave a workshop to a lovely group of ladies at Llanelltyd, but I forgot to take any photos for the blog. I know a few of them look at Digital Gran and I'm sure one of them will be kind enough to send a couple of photos they took?
The ladies in this group travel from a wide area for their meetings once a month.
We used such a variety of programmes that my brain was stretched to the limits. Going from PSP5 to Elements 11, then to the iPad. We had about about 7 different programmes which included early ones and the latest. The Gimp was included by a lady who was a beginner and I must say she coped very well and she said she liked it. some of you know that I like it too.
I was thrilled to see two friends sitting together, one using PSP 12 and the other her ArtStudio on the iPad, sharing and doing the same things on both programmes.

The lone shoe - Antonia Hollander

Tonight I'm giving a talk to the North Wales Embroiders' Guild which I've called  A Hotchpotch of Creativity. I'm a Jack of all trades, master of none I'm afraid. But as I was preparing my talk I came across this image, created many years ago, at a guess late 1990ies early 2000. I read this poem and it really rang a bell with me. Have you like me noticed all those odd shoes at the side of the road, some almost new? I had to use it in some way and Antonia got in touch with me and thanked me when she saw this. Wasn't that nice of her?


ju-north said...

Pleased all went well! Bet you will do lots more!

Nerys Kate Williams said...

Very interesting talk at the meeting tonight, inspired to do some more of my mixed media work now! Diolch :)

Maria said...

The picture in your post is a nice sample of digital artwork! Thanks for sharing)