Sunday, May 05, 2013

Filled with sunshine

Beautiful yellow tulips
It's been another glorious day here in North Wales and so was yesterday. Since we don't get days like this all that often everyone is making the most of it and yesterday I took my youngest grandson Charlie to the Victorian Extravaganza in Llandudno. It was full of people enjoying the parades and the fairground that filled the main street from one end to the other and all the side streets in between. I noticed many older people on the rides as well as the little ones, a reminder of their youth.
I had fish and chips, ice cream and candy floss, but did not go on any rides this time. I was tempted by the Helter Skelter though.

 I hope he will remember his day out with Nain when he grows up!

More fun with the iPad.


Heather said...

Lovely tulips full of sunshine. I'm sure your grandson had a great time and will always remember his day out at the fair with you. My favourite fairground treat was a ride on the carousel.

Anonymous said...

You're right - this weather is so gorgeous I just want to bottle it and keep some on the shelf for emergency use.