Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Zandra Rhodes

Tonight I'm not sure what to believe because this seems a bit more than a coincidence. If you read last evening's post here you will know I gave a talk to the North Wales Embroiderers' Guild. During the talk I mentioned all the 'Swaps' I took part in and had them with me spread out on the table. Among these were Dottie Dolls which I had forgotten all about and I was tagged on Facebook by Marion (Barnett) Artmixter who said I'd made Dottie Dolls!

Here she is, looking quite good for her age too :)
Here are some more dolls from around the same period

The doll bottom left corner is very special. She is a Listening Doll and I share all my little worries with her. It was made for me by my friend Sarah. The other big doll was a swap with Julie Mackinder.

Zandra Rhodes at Ruthin Craft Centre

Work inspired by Zandra Rhodes
During my talk I also showed photos of Zandra Rhodes that I took at Ruthin Craft Centre some years ago. Zandra was there supporting her friend Andrew Logan who makes huge brooches etc. And I always have a look at the blogs as they come up on my side bar when I have time and tonight there was a post by Jane (O'Leary) on Gallimurphy mentioning Zandra Rhodes Digital Collection website. So I popped over to have look and in the first video she mentions her friend Andrew Logan


Julie said...

Lovely to see all your Dottie style dolls and the one I made. I still have yours on my cabinet in the lounge along with one from Dot and one other. They take turns in sitting on a little wooden chair that also came from blogland :-)

MargaretR said...

I really enjoyed all those swaps Julie. I think it was my most productive period ever!

Annette J said...

You reminded me that somewhere I too have dotty swappies, love the listening doll Julie, and the picture of Zandra Rhodes with her dotty. Thank you for reminding me I must get them out of the dark.