Monday, June 17, 2013

Frances Pickering workshop Day 2

I know some of you were desperate to see what we all did at this workshop with Frances Pickering and was expecting a post last night, but I was too tired ti think straight! I must not forget Frances' husband Jim who was being very helpful and made cords for us all during Sunday. He insisted he didn't want his photo taken :)

To see closeups of the work done please visit Croesew.

As you can imagine it was rather difficult to take decent photos when we all wanted to see what everyone else had done over the weekend. We were too all too busy doing our work to have a look at anyone else during the day.

I've opened the cover out so you can see it as a whole. I didn't get the colours quite right, but near enough. And do remember this is a work in progress it's only the cover that has been finished properly.

This is more like it and I hope you can see what it's all about. The Pier Pavillion LLandudno was burnt to the ground on February 23th 1994. It was closed before this, but I don't think a decision had been made about it's future. The first few pages seem to be very sad in my book of memories, but it does get better later on as I go back to the happy memories of my younger days there.

I used Koh i Noor paints plus some computer designs on photocopy paper scrunched up. I'd also made stamps that I'd intended using for my SerenTex project.

Here is one project I'm determined to finish and I might even create another book in a larger format. The seagulls reflect the fire in my imagination as I imagine them all flying around squawking in panic as the fire sends them away from their perches.

These pages include fabrics and stitching, all prepared for the other project and also printed onto overhead transparencies. I glued these down with PVA which was not a success. I will use them again, but stitch them down next time.
I will be posting more as I finish pages. Don't forget to pop over to see all the lovely books made by the others on Croesew.


Maggi said...

Lovely results. No wonder you were too tired to post last night.

Heather said...

You will be so pleased with your book - it's already looking wonderful.

Julie said...

I agree, great results and I'm sure there'll be lots more to come inspired by Frances' workshop.