Friday, January 24, 2014

Be Creative

CirclesBe Creative
Thanks to Myfanwy I have had my most creative day in a long time. It's also been a nasty and miserable day, just the day to be playing with the computer.
I've been playing with a few things today, I'll change that to 'creating' a few things that I hope are going to be useful. I've made three stencils, two using the photo above and one using the one below.
It took a long time to convert both to black and white and create stencils with my Cameo Silhouette. I haven't yet cut them out, so I don't know how successful they are. I will try them out in tomorrow's 15 minutes of being creative.
I'm afraid Blogger doesn't want to insert my images tonight so I'll have another go tomorrow.
I know if I use Windows Live Writer I'd have no problems, but I like the way Blogger shows all the images when you select one. I think I'll have to go back and use that instead next time.
I've found some posts I posted about circles 


Heather said...

We have pigeons on our bird feeders who look as if they are trying to be hummingbirds in their efforts to get at the peanuts. Great photos and I love the fossil. Hope the stencils turn out well for you.

Bonnie Delar said...

Very creative! I love the fossil also. Stencils, wow cool.. I love it!