Monday, January 06, 2014


Here is an interesting photo! After watching and taking the odd photo of the rising flood I began to see a pattern emerging as all the cars tried to get the centre of the road. Long queues formed in each direction and the one that was most cheeky took the centre of the road and the whole queue was able to get through. But in this photo there were two cheeky drivers and as you can see, they were very, very close. Some couldn’t wait to get through and passed them all going through the deep water and spreading the water all over the others, but these were rare and I didn’t manage a photo.
Beached Yacht 024
This is the day they managed to float the beached yacht and I took 80 photos and a few videos of it all. You may have seen the beached yacht Here.
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My Grandsons enjoyed drawing these on my iPad. It was their first go and it almost made me give up. I’ve been struggling to draw and they got it in a few minutes.


ju-north said...

Hope you are safe in all the rain - at least you are high up, judging from your photos! Take care!

Heather said...

Some drivers are so impatient no matter what the conditions are. They push their luck and then make even more problems for everyone else. Great photos.

Diane-crewe said...

hope you are keeping safe in all that rain x Kids "get" technology so easily I think its great .. and so are their drawings .. sometimes I think WE just think about it too hard instead of just ... doing it xx

Maggi said...

You did well to capture the feelings of frustration that the drivers must have been feeling. I hope that you have escaped the floods in your home.

Annette Jeavons said...

There are always those in a hurry to get nowhere. Love the drawings, what program do you use?

MargaretR said...

Hi Annette. They used Paper 53 for these images, but I use various programmes myself (when in the mood)