Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sketchbook pages

pages 003
The Muse is back or it could be my Mojo. I’m not quite sure, but something has made me want to do ‘things’. It doesn’t really matter what I do. but I used the Big shot and cut the small designs in the pages above which I then took photos of and played with them in Paint Shop Pro and enlarged, printed and cut out to add to the pages.
pages 001
I then made large stencils, not entirely successful but good enough to add to pages above.
Llandudno 001   Llandudno 002
There are some beautiful buildings in Llandudno and I couldn’t resist taking a couple of photos this morning. The grey one above is the Yorkshire Building Society and has just had a facelift. The one on the right could do with some tidying up, but i’s really beautiful, despite missing a spike from the middle ornament on the roof.
Llandudno closeup Now I wonder what I can do with this one?


Maggi said...

Whatever you call it, I'm glad it's back. I really like what you have done here.

Heather said...

More lovely pages. I love the curving shapes you have used and those of the elegant roof decorations. Glad you are 'back in business'.