Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hurricane winds

Like many other places we had hurricane winds last night. We are so exposed to the elements here it was rather frightening and I was surprised to find the we got off fairly lightly with no major storm damage. I was up to a lovely blue sky this morning to see this lovely red yacht outside the window. The pattern it left in the mud was lovely you can see it to the left as it was this morning.

This is how they looked in the evening sun. i'm sure there's some digital fun in that somewhere.

This is Conwy Castle in the morning sun.


Julie said...

It always amazes me how it can be so stormy at night and yet so serene the next morning. I love the marks the yacht made in the mud. I'm sure you can do something digital with it or even in stitch. I hope you have a quieter night tonight and over the weekend. I don't think we're out of the woods yet with this awful weather.

Heather said...

We sometimes see similar marks in the mud at low tide in the Severn. More beautiful images of the castle - it looks wonderful in any light or weather. There are more storms on their way for this weekend apparently - I wonder who'll get the brunt of them this time. I suppose we'll get used to them if they go on much longer.