Thursday, May 12, 2016

Colwyn Bay Pier

A quick post before I go out. It's a beautiful day here in Wales.
SerenTex had a project on Colwyn Bay Pier which is in danger of being demolished by the council.
I did a lot of work on this project, mostly photos, Silhouette stencils and printing. But I also used my Embellisher for a piece of work. This is already spoken for.
I have also written on my Welsh blog. Cymraes Greadigol. Have a look and try the translation. it's hilarious :) 

Printing and stencilling

Under the pier

Detail of under the pier.


Heather said...

I love these images of your art and textile work based on the pier. I do hope it can be saved, but most councils are short of money these days.

Margaret Roberts said...

Thanks Heather. This dispute has been going on for years. SerenTEx had an exhibition of work in a shop window in Colwyn Bay for a while. I don't think I posted any photos at the time. I must try and remedy thata.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work M. Lots of detail. Well done.

Toni V said...

Fascinating Mags. Really love piers and we are also losing some in Australia. Hope yours is saved.

Margaret Roberts said...

We are all hoping it will be saved too Toni. i think what they will replace it with will not be half as pleasing.