Sunday, June 12, 2016

Journaling Circles

It's been an interesting weekend here on the the estuary in Conwy.

But I've also been playing and not looking through the window as I could easily do all day. I've been painting, cutting circles and filling journal pages. They're not finished yet, this is just a start.

As usual this is procrastinating, but such fun. I have far more important things I should be doing, such as two pages for SerenTex. One inspired by John Piper and the other textile artist Pat Archibald. I'll let you know how I get on with this work. I have 2 days in which to do it.


Anonymous said...

Hi M,
Looking good. I shall wait with bated breath to se the finished pieces.

Margaret Roberts said...

Thanks D. I'm enjoying this, but I have walked to Conwy! X

Heather said...

The view from your window always looks so serene and lovely. I love your journal pages and really want to do something similar. However, while the weather is good I am trying to restore order to the garden which had been much neglected. I think I'm winning so might find the time to play before long.

Margaret Roberts said...

I know how much you enjoy gardening Heather. Now, I'm not much of a gardener and now that I'm in a flat we have a gardener to do all that for us. I enjoy journaling or actually it's more of a sketchbooking I do.

Anonymous said...

Playing in your journal is a great loosener, I find I am much more productive if I take the time for some musing and 'unproductive' play first

Jane Greiner said...

Lovely photos of the estuary. Your journal pages look good. I enjoy art journalling too, it's great to have the freedom to experiment. If something doesn't work, you can cover it up, or use it for collage! Thanks for your good wishes when I was doing our local Open Studio, it went well.
Jane x